Welcome to iFame TV (Independent Film and Music Entertainment), the new home where the independent movie buff, the music enthusiast, and original content combine to give a unique experience to our viewers. We are the network that thrives off of customer feedback. We put the power back in your hands!

Whether broadcast TV, smart TV, cellphones, iPads, or websites, we diversify our outlets to make us easily accessible to our viewers.

While we air the most current TV shows, movies, and music videos including WHO?MAG TV, Video Vision, and DMTV,
we also showcase the classics like Dance Party USA and Dancin On Air. With over 80% original content, iFame TV is the new home for music and entertainment!

Make sure to watch us on multiple outlets including ROKU.

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 iFame TV features today’s hottest TV shows, movies, music videos, concerts, and more. Here is just a portion of our programming…

WHO?MAG TV…today’s biggest urban programming featuring today’s hottest
names in hip-hop, R&B, and more. Visit both www.whomagtv.com and
www.whomag.net for more on WHO?MAG TV including interviews with
Pitbull, Wyclef, Redman/Method Man, Big Sean, Public Enemy, Rakim,
KRS-One, Lil Jon, George Clinton, and hundreds more!

DANCE PARTY USA…the legendary 80’s & 90’s dance show featuring the
biggest live performances including Tupac, Paula Abdul, NKOTB,
Gangstarr, Heavy D, TKA, and more.Some episodes were hosted by a young
Kelly Ripa!

DANCIN’ ON AIR (Classic Episodes)…the legendary dance show starting in
1981 that featured the biggest names including early live performances
by Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Duran Duran, New Edition, and more!

DANCIN’ ON AIR (New Episodes)…brand new episodes of the legendary show
returns and EXCLUSIVELY on iFame TV! Watch brand new episodes
featuring the best dancers from the Philadelphia area including some
amazing musical guests! Also make sure to watch the spin-off reality
show “Saturday Morning Fever” coming exclusively to FUSE TV.

DMTV (Dance Music TV)…the biggest EDM/Dance Music TV show is now on
iFame and features interviews with Kaskade, Timo Maas, Crystal Waters,
Mig & Rizzo, Ferry Corsten, Flux Pavillon, George Lamond, and more!
Visit www.dancemusicmag.com for more info.

WHATZ GOING ON…The legendary NY hip-hop/R&B show which is almost going
on 30 years is now on iFame. Look for exclusive classic interviews
with Notorious Big, Jay-Z, Beyonce, 50 cent, and more!

WHO?MAG VIDEO VISION…the new independent music video show leader is now
on iFame. Check out today’s best independent music videos including
celebrity and artist takeovers!

THE BAR…Webisodes of the new comedy which is a mixture of “Sopranos”
meets “Cheers” meets “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

URBAN XPRESSIONS…legendary Philly hip-hop show going on 30 years on the
air featuring exclusive interview with Will Smith, Terry Crew, Ruben
Studdard, and more!

ONE HOUSE STREET…legendary hip-hop show that aired in 1992 that
featured the biggest names in hip-hop. While most episodes were
destroyed, the remaining episodes can only be seen exclusive on iFame

UNDER 18 NOT ADMITTED…Another legendary dance show from the early ‘90’s
filmed in Florida on the beach. While most episodes were lost, the
remaining ones can only be seen on iFame TV!

SINGLE ON A SATURDAY NIGHT…from the creators of “Urban Xpressions”
comes their latest show focusing on relationship situations

REEL TIME MODELS…Move over Tyra Banks! The new reality modeling show
based out of Philadelphia, PA can only be seen on iFame TV.

FOXES…sitcom pilot mocking the “Housewives” shows and featuring
Schoolly D (Aqua Teen Hunger Force/hip-hop legend), Scott Herman (MTV
Real World Brooklyn) and Joey Rozmus (MTV Real World Cancun).

THA HUNGA MIXTAPE…Bumsquad DJ’s DJ Bishop hour long video mixtape

THE ADULT TABLE…Sketch comedy clips in the vibe of Saturday Night Live

RESPECT DA DJ…Donta Deisel (EQ Philly) show based the DJ.

URBAN GRIND…Independent Chicago Hip Hop show

PHILLY F.A.M.E. TV…Independent Philadelphia Hip Hop show


MOVIES…the best in EXCLUSIVE independent movies including

– “The WHO?MAG Hip-Hop Document” (winner of the “Pocono Mt. Film Fest”
– Best Documentary)

– “Notorious BIG vs. Supreme” Documentary

– “In The Studio with Wyclef St. Jean” Special

– “The Michael Jackson Show” (Tribeca Film Festival)

– “Pawns” (featuring Robert Downey Sr.)

– “Organized Crime” featuring Meek Mill, Gillie da Kid, E. Ness, &

– “Concealed Habitat” (featuring Grammy Award Winning Doodlebug from
Digible Planets)

– “Harley Quinn” (Batman spin off)

– “Michael Shawn 1st Annual Sober Comedy Jam” (from Hot 97/100.3 The


LIVE CONCERTS… the best new and classic performances from hip-hop,
EDM/dance, freestyle music, and more!

OLD SCHOOL HIP-HOP SECTION…best interviews, music videos, and concerts
and more from your favorite hip-hop legends!

MUSIC VIDEOS…HUNDREDS of independent hip-hop, EDM/dance, rock, gospel,
R&B/Soul videos and more!

CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS…hundreds of celebrity interviews ranging from
musicians, rappers, singers, actors, sports heroes, and more!


And much more!

About Us

 iFame TV (Independent Film And Music Entertainment), brought to you by
the multi-award winning production home of WHOMAG Multimedia, LLC is
the new entertainment TV network for today’s generation. Our content
consists of a ton of exclusive movies, TV shows, music videos,
concerts, interviews, and more. We currently reach over 40,000,000
households through ROKU (in the “Music” section), FilmOn (Free Cell App
in Europe & USA), SPB TV (Free Cell App in Russia & USA), as well as
streaming live online at www.ifametv.com. we are also rapidly growing
to many more outlets.

The goal of iFame TV is to bring back the uniqueness of the music and
movie TV network and make the focus about the artists and the TV
content. We specialize in breaking new independent TV shows,
incredible new music artists, groundbreaking movies, plus intertwining
a hot fresh feel with some classic music programming.

Over 80% of our content is exclusive to our network. Our executives
have over 70 years combined in broadcast TV experience and our diverse
programmers also have over 30 years in technical and web experience.
We have an extremely diverse, yet unified, team that can propel iFame
with our experience, our knowledge, and our love for the independent
music and movie scene.

iFame TV features exclusive and original content including the award
winning international hip-hop show WHO?MAG TV, the world premiere of
the new DMTV (Dance Music TV), classic dance TV show “DANCE PARTY USA”
(formerly on USA Network for 5 years), classic and new “DANCIN ON AIR”
(aired on WHPL 17), music programs from a variety of cities, and many

To advertise or get your content on iFame TV, contact us at

The Team

  • CEO/Founder…With over 14 years in film, TV, and media
    experience and 20 years in music entertainment, Rob founded iFame TV
    with the strategic goal to create an independent TV network that speaks
    to music and entertainment enthusiasts. After entering into the music
    business as a song writer/producer, Rob switched to the business side
    working for PolyGram Records in the mid-nineties (releasing Jay-Z’s
    first single). With his TV show WHO?MAG TV reaching over 300,000,000
    households worldwide and in all 50 states, as well as 3 other
    nationwide programs, Rob then launched iFame TV to help provide the
    outlet for indie music. Rob is also an award winning movie director,
    producer, and editor, and has won multiple of awards and festivals
    through his production company Chetown Films (www.chetownfilms.com).
    He has interviewed over 1,500 celebrities and artists, runs 7 top
    entertainment websites, and music distribution company with over 200

  • SVP of Strategic Planning…With over 10 years in TV
    and 20 years in distribution, Gerald founded Wiggins Media Group
    Worldwide Distribution, Inc. (WMGW) which has spearheaded and assisted
    with the National and Global distribution for various cable and
    satellite networks and channels that appear on the Dish Network and The
    Video On-Demand platforms, such as ColoursTV airing in over 19 million
    homes and Christian Library On Demand currently airing in numerous
    states. A few of WMGW’s TV/film projects include “The Leah Daughtry
    Story” and the ground-breaking film “Becoming Barack”. WMGW has also
    served as Executive Producer of exclusive music videos, lifestyle, and
    entertainment programs. Gerald has produced or executively produced
    well over 300 titles, ranging from Jazz, Hip-Hop, Gospel, and Pop
    genres as well as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members Ben E. King,
    Martha Reeves, and Solomon Burke. Gerald has more than 20 years
    experience in retail music, video, and film distribution in both
    traditional and digital services.

  • Senior Consultant of Programming…With over 43 years of
    national TV experience, Michael has nationwide programming on ION, USA
    Network, WGN, NBC, ABC, Travel Channel, WB17, WPHL, WGBS, and many
    other networks. Mike was best known for being the executive producer
    of the nationwide show “Dance Party USA” and “Dancin’ On Air” which
    aired all for 11 years in the ‘80’s and 90’s. Other programs Michael
    was executive producer include “One House Street”, “Under 18 Not
    Admitted” and more. Michael has worked on production and or music for
    “Howdy Doody”, “Mork and Mindy”, the movie “Return of the Dragon”, and
    more. Michael is a major asset for iFame TV as he brings his unique
    eye, his years of on-set experience, and incredible contacts to help
    take iFame TV to the next level.

  • Chief Technology Officer…With his 20 years in computer
    technology experience, Ray has been instrumental in keeping iFame on
    the cutting edge of unique programming platforms. Ray has over five
    years of TV experience working and strategizing the international TV
    hit show WHO?MAG TV. Ray is also the creator of the iFame TV website
    and all existing viral promotions.


We accept movies, TV shows, sketch comedy clips, music videos, concert
performances, interviews, freestyles, and a cappellas. To get your
content on the biggest independent music outlet on iFame TV in over 10
million households on ROKU, over 35 million households on FilmOn, over
40 million households on SPB TV, and our sites, please email us.

Our email is whomagtv@gmail.com.